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Do THIS if you're taking Nerve Renew AND prescriptions

If you’re taking prescriptions, it’s important to understand how they can interfere with the absorption of any vitamins or supplements you’re also taking. In some cases, prescriptions can reduce or even block the absorption of vitamins and nutrients from supplements. Meaning those critical nerve-boosting ingredients aren’t going to get to your nerves where they’re needed. To learn more about the powerful nerve-healing ingredients in Nerve Renew, be sure to go here: https://www.neuropathytreatmentgroup.com

About the Author

Dr. Don Kennedy is a board certified family physician with special training in geriatrics and regenerative medicine and has practiced for over 35 years. He is the son of a professional bull rider, an avid surfer, author, Professor at Stetson University, and grandfather.

Dr. Kennedy lives in Central Florida with his wife of 35 years, still sees patients daily and surfs (pretty good for a 68 years old)!

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  • Would love to hear the answer for Lee Vandenbos question on 5/26/21 because it sounds just like me.

    Debra Marcondes
  • Please put the pause information in the brochure that comes with every product mailed.

    I’ve been taking Nerve Renew and Nerve Repair Optimizer for some time now for neuropathy and don’t remember hearing this advice about a 30 minute pause before/after taking prescriptions. I take a number of prescriptions and have recently started trying other products for G.I. improvement, clearer brain, and energy. If the effects of Nerve Renew would improve by adding the 30 minute pause, I think the other herbal products might also. The concern is would other herbal products taken at the same time cause Nerve Renew & Nerve Repair to be less effective?

    Alane Friedrich

    Alane Friedrich
  • The first week of May when I started to take the Nerve Renew, all symptoms started decrease. I hope to be totally cured by this month of June.

    Gladwin Smith
  • Taking nerve renew kicked up my acid reflux. I had discontinue.

    Bobbie Husband
  • I take medication twice a day (am/pm) and nerve renew supplements as well as Opt 1 extra doses (1) and never take at the same time (at least 30 minutes apart) but still after 9months , getting little relief from nerve pain especially in my left leg. Recent nerve conduction tests indicate healthy myelin sheath and also suspected radiculopathy but have no impingement of nerves in lumbar area-balance is shot and can’t hardly walk without my walker! Really frustrating/depressing but trust the advocacy of your company and products! Should I give up and discontinue or is there something I am overlooking? I am doing PT for leg strength/ balance and use leg / foot massager daily! Help!

    Lee Vandenbos

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