Live Q&A with Dr. Kennedy: 3 New, Side-Effect Free Treatments to Try

We covered a lot of information with Dr. Kennedy in this month's Facebook Live and to help provide you the best resource possible, we’ve taken that information and compiled it below. The video provides some additional anecdotes and insights, but this post will give you an easy summary to reference anytime.

Dr. Kennedy shared 3, brand-new treatments that can regenerate damaged nerves. They’re not prescriptions, they’re side-effect free, and here’s a recap of what he went over:

1. TENS Treatment

The full name of this is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation — but it goes by TENS for short.

In a nutshell, a device the size of an iPad Mini sends low-level shocks into your feet.

These shocks help “turn off” the pain signals being sent to your brain. So you don’t feel as much burning, tingling, or pain.

If you’d like to read more about it, here’s where you can do that.

2. Massage/Compression Boots

This is a “boot” that you wear on your feet.

It fills up with air and then “massages” your feet while you sit.

This does two things: flush your lymphatic system to flush toxic waste sitting in the feet...

And also circulating stale blood that may be pooling down in the feet.

Both of these things can help reduce swelling, relieve pain, and help get nerve-healing nutrients down where they’re needed most.

Here’s the one Dr. Kennedy helped us develop.

3. Infrared Light Therapy

Tiny, infrared lights stimulate nerve cells and tells them to “grow”.

It honestly sounds like science fiction. Which makes sense, because this technology was originally developed by NASA to grow plants in space.

When they brought the technology home…

Scientists realized red-light therapy could also stimulate cell growth in humans — including the nerve cells in the hands and feet.

It’s pretty amazing.

And they now make “slippers” with this technology that you wear on each foot for 5-10 minutes a day.

You can literally use it, reduce your pain, grow new nerves, all while watching the evening news

Here’s the one that we created with Dr. Kennedy.

Hopefully, one of these prescription-free “breakthroughs” can be part of the answer for your neuropathy.

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