What Neuropathy Does to Your Nerves

Dr. Kennedy explains how damage to your nerves affects your body - and how fueling your peripheral nerves with the vitamins and nutrients they need can help them regenerate and get back online.

About the Author

Dr. Don Kennedy is a board certified family physician with special training in geriatrics and regenerative medicine and has practiced for over 35 years. He is the son of a professional bull rider, an avid surfer, author, Professor at Stetson University, and grandfather.

Dr. Kennedy lives in Central Florida with his wife of 35 years, still sees patients daily and surfs (pretty good for a 68 years old)!

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  • I have been taking these vitamins for 2 months- I walked in so much pain almost unbearable- gabapentin did not work- I am taking vimpat 150 in am and 150 in pm
    Before I started taking vitamins I reduced my vimpat down to 75 in am and in pm to be able to see if there is a difference- I am so happy to be one of the ones it works on- there will always be a limit on my feet- but I have notice it is getting so much better that I feel better- the pain is probably half- and I go to my doctor on Monday to report this finding

    Kim Nelson
  • Dr. Kennedy I just viewed your video with the parking lot light pole. Real good example. Thanks Ron Hansen
  • I have bad osteoarthritis. I had 3 spine surgery in about the last 2 years. The last was to restore nerve activity to my legs etc. They were dead. I peed my pants and then couldn’t pee. Doc Lucas removed a growth squeezing my spinal cord. I’ve had fibromyalgia for years. I took Lyrica a long time ago for it. The fibro is real bad now. It seems worse from Nerve Renew. Please help!!

    Eric Smith
  • How can I come visit you at your doctor’s office I am from gloversville New York?

    Stephanie S

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