"ALA Didn't Help my Nerve Pain Until I Did This..."

Dr. Kennedy, DO, Ph.D., MBA, FAAFP
Last Updated May 16, 2023 @ 6:46pm EST

Dr. Kennedy, DO, Ph.D., MBA, FAAFP
Last Updated Aug 16, 2023 @ 3:24pm EST

It's marketed as an effective way to support nerve health and even reduce pins & needles discomfort or weakness, but is it doing more harm than good? Here's what Dr. Kennedy, a seasoned expert, says you need to know BEFORE taking Alpha Lipoic Acid for nerve pain.

In a world crowded with solutions promising nerve pain relief, it's time to peel back the layers and uncover a truth that might surprise you.

Many people rave about Alpha Lipoic Acid and its potential for relieving nerve discomfort - but there’s a catch you need to know about. Prepare to venture into the realm of ALA, where what you thought was helping might actually be hindering.

I’ll show you how to avoid this common “ALA” trap - and unlock a hidden treasure that promises a life free from the chains of nerve pain, tingling, or numbness.

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Don Kennedy.

For over 40 years, I ran my own family medicine practice with an emphasis in geriatric care in Florida. I worked with many folks who were dealing with aching nerves, burning sensations, tingling, or even numbness caused by ailing nerves.

And I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

Today, I want to share the story of one of my patients - Janet. Hers is a cautionary tale that reveals how one common treatment may be causing more harm than good for nerve pain sufferers.

Dr. Kennedy, DO, Ph.D., MBA, FAAFP

Janet's Nerve Pain Nightmare

When Well-Intentioned Solutions Fall Short

Janet's life once resonated with vitality and vigor. But life's unpredictable twists led her to the path of nerve pain, where burning sensations and persistent tingling dimmed her light. Her journey through doctor visits and prescriptions yielded a cruel reality: the solutions she hoped would ease her pain fell short.

Days turned into weeks, and then months. Janet still felt uncomfortable and tired, caught in a cycle of discomfort. The prescriptions she was given came with their own share of discomforting side effects, leaving her feeling like a shadow of her former self. She didn't want to feel like this forever, so she decided to find her own answers.

So she looked online, like a detective searching for clues. Late nights were spent scouring the internet for stories of how others had reversed nerve discomfort.

That’s When She Discovered Alpha Lipoic Acid (or "ALA") for Nerve Pain

It was something she never heard about before, but it sounded interesting.

People online talked about ALA like it was magic. They said it could help with the same problems she had.

But what really caught her attention were the scientific studies. It wasn’t some “backwoods” remedy - but had actually been well-studied by respected scientists and could actually help people’s nerves feel better.

Janet felt hopeful. She realized that even though she didn't know about ALA before, it might be the key to her puzzle.

So, like so many others had, she turned to ALA supplements, seeking the relief she yearned for. She went to her local drugstore and found a bottle and started taking it every day.

Little Did She know, What She Believed Would Help Her Might Actually Worsen Her Discomfort

How Janet Fell Victim to a Mistake All Too Common When It Comes to ALA

I first met Janet three months after she’d started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid. In that time, the glimmer of hope she’d felt about this new supplement had quickly faded.

Three months in - she hadn’t experienced the “miraculous” improvement so many others online claimed they’d experienced with ALA. In fact, if anything, she felt like her symptoms were getting worse.

Frustrated and feeling like a failure - she’d decided to give doctors another shot. Through pure luck, she found my name in her insurance directory and scheduled an appointment.

As a physician, my goal is always to uncover the root causes of discomfort and provide the best possible relief. In Janet's case, I recognized a crucial factor – the form of ALA she was taking. Most supplements contain Synthetic Alpha Lipoic Acid (S-ALA), a popular yet misguided choice.

S-ALA is a synthetic form of ALA created in a lab, making cheaper to produce. And because most supplements are in the business of making maximum profits - they use this less effective form.

The problem is, S-ALA is not on equal footing with the naturally occuring form of Alpha Lipoic Acid (known as R-ALA).

Studies have shown that S-ALA not only lacks the potency of naturally occurring R-ALA (which is absorbed by the body up to 12x better than S-ALA), but it could also hinder the very properties of ALA that promote nerve health.

Instead of supporting regeneration and comfort, S-ALA might be casting a shadow over the relief you seek.

The actual supplement Janet was taking. If the label doesn't specifically say "R-Alpha Lipoic Acid", then it contains the less effective Synthetic ALA (S-ALA).

Unveiling the Truth: The R-ALA Revelation

A More Potent Form of ALA for Effective Nerve Relief

Janet and I had a heart-to-heart conversation about her supplement regimen. I explained to Janet how not all forms of Alpha Lipoic Acid are created equal. I delved into the world of R-ALA, the natural form that possesses an unmatched ability to soothe delicate nerves and diminish discomfort.

And I explained to her that unlike its synthetic counterpart, R-ALA is readily absorbed by the body, making it more effective at promoting nerve health and alleviating discomfort.

With R-ALA, it's not just about what it can do, but what it doesn't do. Unlike S-ALA, R-ALA doesn't hinder the body's natural processes – it supports them. It's a revelation that redefines the path to genuine nerve relief.

Janet's Newfound Relief With R-ALA

The Results Were Nothing Short of Remarkable

With this newfound knowledge, Janet embarked on a new chapter, embracing R-ALA as the cornerstone of her nerve health journey.

Not only that, but I showed her a few other key nerve-boosting vitamins that were missing from her regimen (including Vitamin B12 & B1). And like the ALA, I showed her that there are specific forms of B12 & B1 that are more effective for relief.

I recommended the same powerful nerve supplement I give to all my patients dealing with nerve discomfort. It has the right forms and amounts of R-ALA, B12, B1…plus a few other vitamins & a potent, calming herbal blend to quiet nerve discomfort.

As the weeks unfolded, her tingling & shooting pains began to fade, replaced by a newfound sense of comfort. It was the dawn she had been waiting for, a testament to the power of choosing the right form of ALA.

Janet L.
Winter Park, FL

"Dr. Kennedy, I am so happy I found you. After taking your advice to start on Nerve Renew to get the better type of ALA and other vitamins, I was able to stop taking aleve. Almost immediately I could feel it working, especially in my toes.

I even gave it to a friend whose fingers were sore & tingling. Within an hour, he was able to feel his finger tips again. Talk about amazing!

When I use Nerve Renew, it’s like an on/off switch. The calming effect is that fast for me. I am now back to my old self, enjoying walks with my husband and spending more time with my daughter and grandson (and even keeping up with him MOST of the time)!

I will be forever grateful for the impact your advice and these products have had on my life."

The 3-Ingredient Cocktail That Soothes Delicate Nerves for Effective Relief

By combining the potency of Stabilized R-ALA with the bioavailability of Vitamins B12 (as methylcobalamin) and B1, Janet was giving her nerves a potent blend of soothing support.

While each of these ingredients on their own can be a powerful tool for nerve relief, the real magic happens when you take all three together. That’s because they work in perfect synergy to provide a holistic solution for managing nerve pain and promoting overall well-being.

B1, B12, & R-ALA
support helthy blood flow to deliver oxygen & nutrients to nerves

As blood flow improves, nerves harvest B12, B1, and R-ALA from the bloodstream

Nerves utilize these to build nerve insulation, revitalize nerve tissue & bolster nerve fiber density

You enjoy reduced discomfort & weakness as nerve health & function improves

Finding The RIGHT Forms To Effectively Support Ailing or “Dead” Nerves

Your journey doesn't have to mirror Janet's struggles. Rather than waste precious time and money on less effective (and potentially harmful) forms of the key ingredients I’ve mentioned above - you can kickstart your journey with the right ingredients.

But, how do you find these ingredients in their right forms?

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Go to most drugstores and you’ll most likely find their supplements contain the cheaper, less effective forms of ALA, B12, and B1.

Many vitamins and supplements have become a commodity where manufactures only compete on price.

R-ALA, B12 (as methylcobalamin), and B1 (as benfotiamine) are up to 10x more expensive to produce and most companies are in a race to the bottom to produce the cheapest products (so they can pad their profit margins at the next quarterly shareholder meeting).

But not all companies sacrifice quality for profits. And there's one advanced nerve support supplement in particular that I recommend to my patients (it's the same one Janet took).

It’s called Nerve Renew.

Unlike most other nerve supplements I've seen, Nerve Renew uses the RIGHT forms and optimal dosages of R-ALA, B12, and B1to have a profound, lasting impact on your nerve health.

Not only that - but it has 7 additional ingredients that help calm nerve discomfort, awaken “dead” nerves, and support healthy nerve function.

See for yourself how Nerve Renew compares to the leading drugstore nerve supplement below:

Best of all - Nerve Renew combines all the best forms of each ingredient into one single supplement, so you don't have to take 10 different vitamins each day.

Nerve Renew beckons as the beacon of genuine nerve support. It combines the potency of R-ALA with the bioavailability of B1 and B12, plus 7 other potent ingredients to provide a proven path to lasting relief that embraces the natural synergy of these ingredients.

Not only that, but it costs a fraction of what you’d pay if you were to buy each ingredient individually!

And for a limited time, you may even qualify for a FREE 2-Week Starter bottle to get your started on the path to happier, healthier nerves.

Don't settle for ineffective supplements that only scratch the surface.

As you journey forward, remember Janet's story – a story of hope, perseverance, and the power of making the right choice.

Your story of relief is waiting to be written…embrace the remarkable combination of bioavailable R-ALA, B12, and B1 in Nerve Renew to unlock the true potential of your nerve health.

Remember, true relief is within your reach.



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What Others Are Saying About Nerve Renew:

Words can't describe!

"I was wondering how I could communicate the miracle my wrecked body has felt – RELIEF – for the first time in a year in just a few weeks.

No words can describe the relief. I can now touch my lower legs without immense discomfort. Still some, but subsiding day by day. I now have a more positive outlook on my life and a new wife to be.

Thank you for this life-changing product!"

The difference is amazing!

"I started taking Nerve Renew to reduce the occasional but severe pins and needles discomfort & numbness in my feet and hands…and unsteadiness on my feet. The difference is amazing!

I have been taking it for 2 months now and I know that it’s working. I could not be without Nerve Renew and Nerve Renew Optimizer…they help me function as a normal human being."

Nerve Renew delivers like NO OTHER!

My nerve discomfort is gone and I’m feeling great. Nerve Renew truly delivers relief like NO OTHER!

The staff are very professional and genuinely interested in your improved health. Ordering is simple, the website is easy and shipping is accurate.

Thank you Nerve Renew team!"

Feeling normal again!

"It started about three years ago with tingling and later burning. My doctor sent me to see a specialist...we tried lots of different things but nothing worked.

Then I found Nerve Renew and ordered my first bottle. After a few days I started seeing some changes. Fast forward a few months and I am back on my feet now and can do anything I want to do thanks to Nerve Renew.

Thanks for bringing my life back to normal!"

Given me my sleep back!

Went to my doctor about the discomfort in my feet keeping me up at night, but no help was offered!

My feet were burning so bad, right under the toes, that it deprived me of sleep. Not anymore! Nerve Renew has given me my sleep back!

I now only take one capsule a day and can’t tell you how much of a change it has made in my life. Can’t live without it!"

Prefer To Order By Phone?

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Call Us Toll-Free at 888-840-7142

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Your Purchase Is Backed By Our

1 Year Guarantee

We’re so confident that you'll be happy with Nerve Renew that we offer a one year guarantee on your purchase.

If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason - or no reason at all - you have an entire year from the order date to get a full refund (minus s&h) on your most recent order. Simply contact our US-based customer support team at or by phone at (888) 840-7142 for a prompt, courteous refund.

About Dr. Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy is a board-certified family physician specializing in geriatric care, with over four decades of invaluable medical expertise.

With a passion for delivering compassionate patient-centered care, Dr. Kennedy has dedicated his career to enhancing the well-being of his patients.

Beyond his tireless work in medicine, Dr. Kennedy leads a fulfilling life outside the clinic. He is a published author of motivatinal books like "5am & Already Behind" and "The Surfer's Journey".

Even at his age, he still surfs most mornings in his home state of Florida. As a devoted grandparent, he cherishes creating lasting memories with his beautiful grandkids.

Dr. Kennedy's remarkable career, vibrant personal life, and literary achievements make him an extraordinary healthcare professional and an inspirational figure in his community.


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