2023 Holiday Gift Guide:

Dr. Kennedy's Top Gifts for Easing Nerve Pain & Sensitivity

For over 40 years, I've been on an incredible journey alongside individuals grappling with nerve discomfort. Together, we’ve battled to discover new and better ways to manage their symptoms, improve their lives, and reclaim their sense of well-being.

It has been a journey of triumphs, failures, and countless lessons learned. Through it all, I've been on a constant quest to unearth what truly helps manage discomfort and nurture nerves back to health.

And today, I bring you something truly special—a curated "Holiday Gift Guide" born from the blend of my experience and the wisdom gained from the people facing nerve discomfort head-on.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill gift list.

It's a carefully crafted collection of gift ideas that aim not just to appease but to transform—a symphony of relief, comfort, and hope for those dealing with nerve-related challenges.

Alongside my own recommendations, you’ll discover my “Reader's Top Picks” scattered throughout. These ideas were sent to me by folks who get my email newsletter, after I asked them to share their own gift ideas. They responded in force with their own secrets to managing discomfort or simply making life a tad smoother - and I’m thrilled to be able to share some of those with you below.

So, if you or a loved one is waltzing through this holiday season with nerve discomfort as an uninvited guest, take a look at the carefully curated out gift ideas below. You might just find the perfect gift to make your life (or that of someone you love) a little better.

15 Must-Have Gifts For Nerve Pain or Numbness:

Dr. Kennedy Preferred Pick

Dr. Kennedy Preferred Pick

Soothe Your Feet with the Power of Red Light

Red light therapy is a promising new modality gaining widespread recognition for its potential benefits in managing neuropathic symptoms.

It helps stimulate cellular activity, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation in the nerves.

Plus, it aids in the production of ATP, the energy source for cellular function, which helps accelerate nerve repair and regeneration.

While there are a number of red light therapy devices to choose from, the one I recommend is the Nerve Restore Red Light Therapy Slipper by Nerve Renew.

Just 20 minutes a day is all it takes to accelerate nerve regeneration & begin relieving discomfort.

'"This has worked wonders for me. My feet are feeling 80% better. No pain, no tingling, no sharp pains, no numbness. I can honestly say I have relief!" - Joseph


"I went to see a chiropractic office for my neuropathy they sold me a very expensive light strip to use on my feet. After a year it quit working they said it was out of warranty. I replaced it with these slippers, which work just as well and they were much more affordable. Less pain, less throbbing. Can’t say enough good things about them."

- Cathy C.

A Nifty Companion in Managing Nerve Discomfort

For those battling nerve discomfort, a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit can be a game-changer. This device delivers gentle electrical impulses through skin-placed electrodes, potentially disrupting pain signals to the brain, offering temporary relief.

Considered a valuable addition to self-care, a TENS unit's portability and ease of use make it an appealing choice for managing discomfort anytime, anywhere. There are numerous affordable options available on platforms like Amazon, making it accessible for those seeking effective relief.


Dr. Kennedy Preferred Pick

Dr. Kennedy Preferred Pick

Accelerate Recovery & Soothe Discomfort for Lasting Relief

When it comes to nerve damage, there are three essential superheroes I recommend without hesitation: benfotiamine (B1), methylcobalamin (B12), and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. These powerhouses hold the key to accelerating nerve recovery, offering relief from persistent aches and discomfort.

Nerve Renew has all three. But they didn't stop there. This potent formula combines these heroes with a cavalry of other essential vitamins and herbs to turbocharge nerve health, revive aging nerves, and soothe discomfort from its core.

Engineered for lasting efficacy, Nerve Renew is the perfect gift for anyone hindered by nerve discomfort.

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"Was skeptical. Have tried so many things that haven't helped, so didn't hold my breath that this would. To my surprise, after a month I started noticing a reduction in the shooting pains. Fast forward a few months, and I can confidently say that I’ve seen an 80-90% improvement. Can't live without it."

- Bryan J.

Elevate Your Comfort & Boost Circulation

Picture this: a gentle, rhythmic embrace around your feet, soothing away tension and discomfort. That's the magic of an air compression foot massager— designed to bring a sense of relief and relaxation to those grappling with nerve discomfort in their feet.

It works wonders by gently inflating and deflating chambers around the feet, providing a kneading sensation that mimics the hands of a skilled masseuse.

This can enhance circulation, alleviate muscle tension, and potentially reduce swelling—offering a respite from the relentless discomfort associated with sensitive or aging nerves in the feet.

Footwear Redefined for Recovery and Comfort

In my years of guiding individuals through nerve discomfort, I've learned the importance of nurturing feet, especially when seeking relief. That's where Oofos steps in—a footwear brand dedicated to redefining recovery for tired, stressed feet.

These shoes offer an extraordinary blend of cushioning and support, elevating each step into a soothing experience that alleviates stress and rejuvenates fatigued feet.

With a focus on minimizing impact on feet and joints, Oofos footwear can be an invaluable ally in you or a loved one’s journey toward comfort and recovery.

Fancy Diabetic Socks for Nerve Relief

Compression socks can work wonders in providing support and comfort for those dealing with nerve pain or numbness.

They apply gentle pressure to the feet and legs, aiding in circulation and potentially reducing swelling and discomfort.

Most compression socks are dull and boring. But Viasox - the "fancy diabetic sock" brand - has merged functionality with style. They have an array of designs & styles to fit anyone’s taste.

They even have a festive collection "Christmas" socks to spread some holiday cheeer!

Dr. Kennedy Preferred Pick

Dr. Kennedy Preferred Pick

Full-strength, Rapid Relief When You Need it Most

It's important to have something that can provide fast relief so you can enjoy your day uninterrupted by pain. Or quiet discomfort at night for better sleep.

Nerve Renew’s Fast-Acting Cream does exactly that. Among the many topical relief ointments I’ve encountered over the years, it surpasses others in swiftly targeting discomfort (without the strong over and skin irritation you see with other creams).

It's patented skin emulsification system allows the full-strength formula to swiftly penetrate the skin's barriers, targeting problem areas for rapid relief (in as little as 3 minutes)!

Nerve Renew’s customers swear by it. And it’s affordable price makes it an excellent gift choice for anyone dealing with nerve pain.

'"My favorite item I could not live without is the Nerve Renew Cream. This is a life saver to me, it helps me to deal with my nerve pain at any given time day or night. It's a must have gift for nerve pain."


"I have tried a number of different creams for the pain I have in both my feet. This seems to work the best. I usually rub it onto both feet before bed and it helps reduce then pain enough so that I can fall asleep a lot faster than other creams. I would recommend."

- Kendall M.

Full-strength, Rapid Relief When You Need it Most

Relief Genius Cold Therapy Socks offer a refreshing solution for tired, achy feet. These innovative socks are designed to provide targeted cold therapy, helping to reduce swelling and soothe discomfort after a long day on your feet or during periods of heightened discomfort.

Slip into these socks for an instant, cooling sensation that offers relief right where you need it most, aiding in promoting foot comfort and revitalization.


Curcumin Nerve Defense

500mg of patented Meriva Curcumin ~ absorbs up to 29x better than traditional curcumin to relieve discomfort & swelling.

"I’ve been taking it for a little less than a month, but it has really been helping, especially at night. I usually have to get up in the middle of the night because my feet hurt so much and/or I have 'electric shocks' in my toes! But since starting on Nerve Defense, I have not had to get up in the middle of the night!" - Lannete H.

Embrace Cozy Comfort with a Heated Blanket

Heated blankets offer gentle warmth that helps calm tingles, soothe discomfort, and warm the body to enhance blood flow. I've seen how the therapeutic heat soothes, providing a sense of relief that goes beyond simple warmth.

These make a great gift - especially for anyone struggling with aches or discomfort from nerve damage.

Cold feet? Cozy Up With An Electric Foot Warmer

Slip your feet into this comforting haven, and let the gentle warmth work its magic—calming those persistent sensations that make life a bit too challenging.

What's remarkable is the calm it brings. The warmth gently blankets your feet or hands, potentially easing discomfort and inviting relaxation. It's not just about warmth; it's a refuge amidst the storm of nerve discomfort, providing a sense of relief and comfort that's hard to describe.

Bedding Bliss for Sensitive Nerves

Alright, let's talk bedsheets. Too many folks battling nerve discomfort have trouble sleeping because their sheets feel like sandpaper. Or the slightest brush of scratchy bedding triggers painful “jolts” that shock them awake.

If that sounds like you or someone you love - The Original PeachSkin Sheet might just be the ticket for a more soothing slumber.

With a luxurious 1500 thread count level of softness, there’s no scratchy business here. Just smooth, velvety goodness that doesn't rub you the wrong way! Plus, the brushed peachskin finish soft & gentle on sensitive nerve endings so you can drift into dreamland without fireworks.

Dr. Kennedy Preferred Pick

Dr. Kennedy Preferred Pick

he Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity

A peer gave me this book recently, and it has personally pushed me toward a path of more complete wellness - reshaping the way I view food, health, and life itself.

"The Whole Foods Diet" isn't about diets in the conventional sense; it's a beacon of wisdom—a compass pointing toward a healthier, more vibrant life.

You might wonder, why am I singing praises about a book that isn't primarily focused on nerve health? Well, here's the thing—what's good for our bodies tends to be good for our nerves too. The changes advocated here? They're like a symphony, each note harmonizing toward a healthier, more balanced body—including those intricate nerves we often forget to cherish.

So, consider this book not just a guide but a companion—one that nudges you toward achievable, sustainable changes. It's a roadmap to a healthier, more vibrant you, resonating far beyond the confines of a single meal.

Toolkit for Managing Symptoms, Triggers, & Mood

As a doctor, I'm like a detective—piecing together clues to unlock the best strategies for managing discomfort.

And guess what?

A detailed symptom journal can fill in missing pieces and give your doctor the clues he/she needs to offer more precise and effective solutions.

Every detail you jot down, from pain intensity to your mood swings, the food you eat, or even the weather that day—creates a roadmap. This roadmap offers a treasure trove of insights for your doctor to understand patterns, spot triggers, and tailor a plan specific to you.

There is also a therapeutic benefit to daily journaling, helping you to organize your thoughts amidst the chaos. This helps you cope with stress in a healthy way, which in and of itself is important for keeping symptoms under control.

A No-Stress Meal Plan with Easy Recipes

The foods we eat can play a BIG role in nerve discomfort, both for better or for worse. This book is a roadmap to guide you through simple dietary changes that could be game-changers in managing chronic pain.

What I love about this book is its simplicity. Picture easy meal plans, uncomplicated recipes—no fuss, just good food. They're designed to kick-start your diet, making it less overwhelming and more achievable.

Phototherapy Patches to Support Wellness

Some folks dealing with pain or sensitivity have reported feeling a tad more at ease with these patches. They're like gentle nudges to your body's natural rhythm, potentially offering a different angle in managing discomfort.

It's intriguing, unconventional, and worth a look for those seeking complementary ways to tackle their nerve-related challenges.

An Unconvential Way to Unwind & Ease Discomfort

Ever heard of the Miracle Ball Method? Now, don't be misled by the name; there's no magic wand here, just a simple yet potentially powerful approach to ease discomfort and find a moment of calm amidst the chaos.

Here's the scoop—these small balls aren't just your average props; they're like little miracle workers for those dealing with discomfort or nerve sensitivity.

It might seem simple, but sometimes, the most effective solutions come in unassuming packages. So, if you're seeking a gentle, non-invasive way to ease discomfort and find moments of peace, the Miracle Ball Method might just surprise you.

A Gentle Path to Strengthening and Mobility

Nerve sensitivity or weakness often bring along their buddies—loss of balance, reduced mobility, and muscle decline due to inactivity. Which is why I always recommend low-impact exercises or stretching, if symptoms allow it.

CastleFlexx has a simple and unique device that makes daily stretching both easy and enjoyable. It's a soft, gentle way to rebuild strength and mobility—something crucial for those struggling with nerve-related challenges. I've found it to be an accessible, low-impact way to coax muscles into action without causing extra discomfort.