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*“For years I have suffered with a varying combination of aches, discomfort, and weakness in both my hands and feet. I have to walk with a cane because my balance is bad.

After only one month on Nerve Renew combined with the Nerve Renew Optimizer, I was thrilled when I could begin to feel my fingers! Having gotten such dramatic results in such a short period of time, I am now hopeful that I will regain feeling in other parts of my body and hopefully retire my cane and drive my car again!”

Susan M.

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*"A year ago, I developed discomfort related to nerve function. Jolts of electricity would shoot up through my arms to the tips of my fingers, legs ached, and I couldn't feel my feet. I looked online and after researching, I was impressed with the number of success stories I was seeing for the Nerve Renew.

I am now completing my third month of taking the Nerve Renew products. I am feeling healthy and even taking! I take two Nerve Renew tabs and two Nerve Renew Optimizer tabs both morning and afternoon. I also use the Nerve Renew Cream which soothes my feet to help me sleep throughout the night."

Patricia W.

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*“I would like to let those who nothing has ever helped to nerve discomfort know that Nerve Renew has turned my life around. Before I could not turn over in bed or walk a few steps.

Thanks to Nerve Renew, I can walk and do many other things that I could no longer do. It did take about three months before it helped me so I am happy that I held out and didn’t quit taking the supplement. I am still taking Nerve Renew as it has benefited me greatly.”

Jamie B.