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Nerve Restore Red Light Slipper
by Nerve RenewTM

Reg. $200 | SALE: $150

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$50 OFF Red Light Therapy Slipper

Plus FREE Nerve Cream ($27 value)

Improve functional recovery of nerves, promote nerve regeneration, and get much needed relief with this powerful Red Light Therapy Slipper.

Our Nerve Restore Red Light Slipper uses specialized red to near-infrared lights (660-880nm), which penetrate deep into the tissue to your nerves.

By stimulating the tissue and nerve cells, red light therapy helps accelerate nerve regeneration, reduce nerve discomfort, and improve the function of nerves.

In fact, research has found that just 20-minutes a day of light therapy helps:

Accelerate Peripheral Nerve Regeneration in just 14 days

Stimulate production of nerve growth factors

Improve blood flow to the extremities

Improve functional recovery of nerves


Improves blood flow & oxygenation to the feet to reduce swelling & discomfort


Stimulates nerve cells to repair & regenerate damaged or aging nerves


Improves the functional recovery of damaged nerves

Backed By Our One Year Guarantee!

We're so confident that our Red Light Slipper will help you get your nerve health back on track that we back it with a one year guarantee.

If for any reason - or no reason at all - you're not 100% happy with our product, we give you an entire year to get a full refund (minus s&h) on your most recent order. No questions asked.

What Does Dr. Kennedy Think About Red
Light Therapy?

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Low-level laser treatments in hospitals and medical facilities can be both time consuming and costly. And the at-home devices sold in some doctors offices can range in price from $600 to more than $1200. But with your Nerve Renew Red Light Slipper, you can enjoy the benefits of this powerful therapy in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost.

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Nerve Restore Red Light Slipper
by Nerve RenewTM

Reg. $200 | SALE: $150

+ FREE BONUS: Nerve Renew Cream ($27 value)

Use promo code REDLIGHT at checkout

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Based in the USA, our friendly & knowledgeable nerve care experts are happy to help you in your health journey - regardless of if you choose to make Nerve Renew part of your health regimen or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should therapy feel like?

You should feel mild warmth on your foot.

How often should I do light therapy?

You may use your light therapy slipper 1-3 times per day, 20 minutes each time.

Does it have both red and infrared lights?

Yes. Each slipper has 66 near infrared lights + 66 red lights (132 total lights)

How long are the connector strips?

Total 15 ft (4.56 meters)

How long will it take to experience relief?

For best results, we recommend wearing it for 2-3 therapy sessions per day for the first month. It may take several weeks to experience optimal relief.

Can I use this device in Europe?

This device is equipped with a US plug. You will need to buy a US to EU adapter to use it.

Can people with heart disease or a pacemaker use it?

No, we do not recommend using this unit if you have heart disease or a pacemaker.

At what voltage can this device be used?

Device is for AC 110-240V

What is the wavelength of the lights?

66onm red lights and 880nm infrared lights

Can I put the device in water for washing?

No. Never submerge the device in water. To clean, gently rub with a lightly damp cloth.

Contact Info

888-840-7142 (Mon - Sat 7:00AM thru 7:00PM MST)