Why B Vitamins Won’t Help Your Nerve Pain

"B Vitamins Didn't Help My Nerve Pain Until I Did This..."

Dr. Kennedy, DO, Ph.D., MBA, FAAFP
Last Updated May 16, 2023 @ 6:46pm EST

Dr. Kennedy, DO, Ph.D., MBA, FAAFP
Last Updated May 16, 2023 @ 6:46pm EST

They're touted as an effective way to support nerve health and even reduce pins & needles discomfort or weakness, but do they work? Here's what Dr. Kennedy, a seasoned expert, says you need to know BEFORE taking B vitamins for nerve pain.

Recently, a new patient (Brian) came to me frustrated and desperate for relief from nerve pain in his foot. He described it like walking on “pins and needles” along with “electric jolt” sensations that would randomly shoot up his leg.

Once an active and healthy man in his 60’s, he now walked with a cane and spent most days holed up in his home - unable to enjoy his favorite activities.

After a year of getting nowhere with his previous doctor, he found me and scheduled an appointment. When we first met, he looked defeated. After discussing his medical history and his symptoms - I asked him if he was doing or taking anything currently for his nerve pain.

He’d tried a few prescriptions, but they didn’t do much for his foot and made him “feel like a zombie.”

Brian S.
Pensacola, FL

So, he was relying on over-the-counter pain relievers and, at the advice of his previous doctor, had been diligently taking a B12 supplement.

But it was giving him little to no relief and the symptoms still seemed to be worsening.

Truth be told, I was a little shocked. B12 is often highly effective at reducing nerve discomfort. That’s because it plays a critical role in repairing the myelin sheath, regenerating damaged nerves, and homocysteine regulation (elevated levels of homocysteine are associated with an increased risk of nerve damage and pain).

Curious, I asked him if he could recall the name of the B12 supplement he was taking. He glanced over at his wife, who pulled a bottle out of her purse and handed it to me.

Not surprisingly, I discovered that the B12 supplement he had been taking contained a low dose of the less effective form of B12. No wonder he wasn't experiencing the results he desired!

Most B12 Supplements Contain the Wrong Form of B12

And the doses are often too small to make a real difference

You see, most B12 supplements you’ll find on drugstore shelves or online contain a form of B12 called “cyanocobalamin”.

This is an artificial form of B12 not found in nature. But it’s easier and cheaper to produce - so most supplements use it instead of the more effective form of B12.

The problem with this artificial B12 is that the body has a hard time absorbing it. In fact, the body must convert it into the active form (methylcobalamin) before it can use it.

This results in very little of the active form actually making it into your system...and what little your body does do absorb won't be enough to help your damaged nerves.

So I Recommended a Game-Changing Solution

I told Brian to start taking a high dose of 4mg of B12 as methylcobalamin (the naturally occurring form of B12).

This ultra-high dosage methyl-B12 is not only safe and well-tolerated, but it has been shown to regenerate damaged nerves…reducing and even reversing nerve discomfort.

On top of that, I recommended 2 other nerve-boosting supplements for him to start (which I’ll share in a moment).

The Results Were Nothing Short of Remarkable

Within the first 3 weeks, Brian began noticing a difference in his foot. Not quite life-changing, but enough to convince him to stick with it.

After 2 months, he couldn’t believe the progress. His quality of life had improved significantly. The discomfort had been reduced by about 50%...and he finally felt hopeful that he could live a normal life again.

And he would’ve been happy with just that 50% improvement…but it didn’t stop there. At his 6-month follow-up he reported that he’s now at 80% reduction in symptoms.

He hardly notices his foot anymore and he no longer needs a cane to walk. He’s even enjoying evening strolls through the neighborhood with his wife again.

Brian S.
Pensacola, FL

"Thank you for changing my life Dr. Kennedy. I never believed I could feel this good again.

I'm amazed what a difference taking the right stuff has made. Susan and I feel like we've gotten a new lease on life. We're so grateful for your support and guidance.

Looking forward to even better days ahead!"

This Eye-opening Experience Reinforced a Vital Truth: Not all B12 supplements are created equal

When it comes to combating nerve pain or numbness, the choice of B12 form matters. That's why I advocate for methylcobalamin, the highly bioavailable and effective form of B12.

And it doesn't stop there - the same principle applies to Vitamin B1 (which is one of the other supplements I recommended to Brian).

While many nerve supplements boast about their B1 and B12 content, they often neglect to mention the crucial fact that these vitamins need to be in their most absorbent and effective forms to truly benefit your nerves. That's where benfotiamine, the advanced form of B1, comes into play.

Benfotiamine is a highly absorbent form of B1. In fact, your body absorbs benfotiamine up to 3.6x better thiamine (the form of B1 used in most supplements).

Benfotiamine and methylcobalamin work synergistically, offering unparalleled support for your nerves. By ensuring optimal absorption, they can make a real difference in managing nerve discomfort, restoring a sense of well-being, and helping you regain control of your life.

But there’s one more thing I recommend taking if you’re dealing with nerve pain, tingling, or numbness…

The Little Known Antioxidant That Reduces Nerve Pain in as Little as 14 Days

Brian’s journey to optimal nerve health had one more key component: Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA).

This remarkable antioxidant has the tremendous ability to rapidly reduce nerve pain and support overall nerve health.

Numerous studies have highlighted the effectiveness of R-ALA for nerve pain and numbness. A notable study published in the Journal of Neurology demonstrated that R-ALA supplementation led to a significant reduction in neuropathic symptoms and improved nerve function. This scientifically-backed evidence underscores the importance of harnessing the power of R-ALA for comprehensive nerve support.

But just like B1 & B12 - your results are only as good as the form of Alpha Lipoic Acid you take.

Unlike the more common synthetic S-Alpha Lipoic Acid (S-ALA) found in many supplements, Stabilized R-ALA (the naturally occurring form of ALA) offers enhanced stability and maximum absorption, ensuring it reaches your nerves precisely where it's needed.


This 3-Ingredient Cocktail Soothes Delicate Nerves for Effective Relief

By combining the potency of Stabilized R-ALA with the bioavailability of Benfotiamine (B1) and Methylcobalamin (B12), you're empowering your nerves with the most effective support available.

This dynamic trio works in perfect synergy to provide a holistic solution for managing nerve pain and promoting overall well-being.

B1, B12, & R-ALA
support helthy blood flow to deliver oxygen & nutrients to nerves

As blood flow improves, nerves harvest B12, B1, and R-ALA from the bloodstream

Nerves utilize these to build nerve insulation, revitalize nerve tissue & bolster nerve fiber density

You enjoy reduced discomfort & weakness as nerve health & function improves

Finding The RIGHT Forms of B1, B12, & Alpha Lipoic Acid

As I’ve shown you, to unlock the full power of these 3 ingredients and truly take control of your nerve health, you’ve got to find them in their right forms.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Go to most drugstores and you’ll most likely find their supplements contain the cheaper, less effective forms of B1, B12, and ALA.

Many vitamins and supplements have become a commodity where manufactures only compete on price.

Methylcobalamin, benfotiamine, and R-ALA are up to 10x more expensive to produce and most companies are in a race to the bottom to produce the cheapest products (so they can pad their profit margins at the next quarterly shareholder meeting).

But not all companies sacrifice quality for profits. And there's one advanced nerve support supplement in particular that I recommend to my patients (it's the same one Brian took).

It’s called Nerve Renew.

Unlike most other nervs supplements I've seen, Nerve Renew uses the RIGHT forms and optimal dosages of Vitamin B1, B12, and R-ALA to have a profound, lasting impact on your nerve health.

Not only that - but it has 7 additional ingredients that help calm nerve discomfort, awaken “dead” nerves, and support healthy nerve function.

See for yourself how Nerve Renew compares to the leading drugstore nerve supplement below:

Best of all - Nerve Renew combines all the best forms of each ingredient into one single supplement, so you don't have to take 10 different vitamins each day.

Not only that, but it costs a fraction of what you’d pay if you were to buy each ingredient individually!

And for a limited time, you may even qualify for a FREE 2-Week Starter bottle to get your started on the path to happier, healthier nerves.

Don't settle for ineffective supplements that only scratch the surface. Embrace the remarkable combination of bioavailable B1, methylcobalamin B12, and Stabilized R-ALA in Nerve Renew to unlock the true potential of your nerve health.

Remember, true relief is within your reach.

Click Below to Learn the Science Behind Nerve Renew & See If You Qualify for a FREE Starter Bottle


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What Others Are Saying About Nerve Renew:

Words can't describe!

"I was wondering how I could communicate the miracle my wrecked body has felt – RELIEF – for the first time in a year in just a few weeks.

No words can describe the relief. I can now touch my lower legs without immense discomfort. Still some, but subsiding day by day. I now have a more positive outlook on my life and a new wife to be.

Thank you for this life-changing product!"

The difference is amazing!

"I started taking Nerve Renew to reduce the occasional but severe pins and needles discomfort & numbness in my feet and hands…and unsteadiness on my feet. The difference is amazing!

I have been taking it for 2 months now and I know that it’s working. I could not be without Nerve Renew and Nerve Renew Optimizer…they help me function as a normal human being."

Nerve Renew delivers like NO OTHER!

My nerve discomfort is gone and I’m feeling great. Nerve Renew truly delivers relief like NO OTHER!

The staff are very professional and genuinely interested in your improved health. Ordering is simple, the website is easy and shipping is accurate.

Thank you Nerve Renew team!"

Feeling normal again!

"It started about three years ago with tingling and later burning. My doctor sent me to see a specialist...we tried lots of different things but nothing worked.

Then I found Nerve Renew and ordered my first bottle. After a few days I started seeing some changes. Fast forward a few months and I am back on my feet now and can do anything I want to do thanks to Nerve Renew.

Thanks for bringing my life back to normal!"

Given me my sleep back!

Went to my doctor about the discomfort in my feet keeping me up at night, but no help was offered!

My feet were burning so bad, right under the toes, that it deprived me of sleep. Not anymore! Nerve Renew has given me my sleep back!

I now only take one capsule a day and can’t tell you how much of a change it has made in my life. Can’t live without it!"

About Dr. Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy is a board-certified family physician specializing in geriatric care, with over four decades of invaluable medical expertise.

With a passion for delivering compassionate patient-centered care, Dr. Kennedy has dedicated his career to enhancing the well-being of his patients.

Beyond his tireless work in medicine, Dr. Kennedy leads a fulfilling life outside the clinic. He is a published author of motivatinal books like "5am & Already Behind" and "The Surfer's Journey".

Even at his age, he still surfs most mornings in his home state of Florida. As a devoted grandparent, he cherishes creating lasting memories with his beautiful grandkids.

Dr. Kennedy's remarkable career, vibrant personal life, and literary achievements make him an extraordinary healthcare professional and an inspirational figure in his community.


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