Why Dr. Cain recommends Nerve Renew to his patients...

3x more bio-available

Nerve Renew uses benfotiamine, a more bio-available form of vitamin B1. It absorbs more easily into your system, meaning it can get do its job and help your nerves.

Regenerates nerves

Our formula uses methylcobalamin, the same form of vitamin B12 shown in clinical studies to promote nerve regeneration.

One year guarantee

Not satisfied with your results? Get a refund any time within 1 year of your most recent order!

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Nerve Renew 3pk neuropathy supplement treatment


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What are the active ingredients?

  • Methylcobalamin (also called Methyl-B12)
    Benfotiamine (a new, more effective, form of B1)
    Stabilized R-Alpha lipoic Acid (the most effective anti-oxidant for nerve damage)

What is Methyl B12? How is it different from ordinary vitamin B12?

  • The most common B12 used in supplements is called Cyanocobalamin (Cobalamin). The body must convert Cobalamin to Methylcobalamin in order to get adequate levels of Methyl B12 into the blood system. As the body gets older, it loses its ability to convert Cobalamin to Methylcobalamin and the body absorb as little as 1% of the amount taken.


Methylcobalamin is the form of vitamin B12 that can be directly utilized by the body and is easily absorbed. It is now available in our proprietary blend.

What is Benfotiamine? How is it different from ordinary vitamin B1?

  • Benfotiamine is a new type of vitamin B1. It is fat-soluble unlike Thiamine B1 which is water soluble. The result is that Benfotiamine can dramatically increase the levels of B1 in the blood stream, and effectively decrease or eliminate the symptoms of neuropathy.


Studies have shown Benfotiamine to be absorbed 360% better than other, more common, forms of vitamin B1

What is Stabilized R-ALA? How is it different from S-ALA?

  • Several Clinical Trials have shown that R-Alpha Lipoic Acid can have a very positive effect on sufferers of Neuropathy. R-ALA has been shown to be up to 12 times more effective the the cheaper and more common S-Alpha Lipoic Acid.


Nerve Renew ONLY uses stabilized R-ALA because of its superior efficacy and absorbability compared to the common S-ALA found in most supplements. Stabilized R-ALA is also able to withstand temperatures above 90 degrees fahrenheit (like in the back of a mail truck) without hardening into an unusable product.

How does the guarantee work?

  • Our 100% money back guarantee covers your most recent order for 1 year from the time of purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we will issue you a full refund (minus S&H). See our Terms and Conditions for full details.