3 Things to Speed up Nerve Regeneration - from Dr. Kennedy

3 Things to Speed up Nerve Regeneration - from Dr. Kennedy

Hey there, Dr. Kennedy here,


One thing’s for sure: 

If I told you a way to speed up your nerve regeneration...

You’d jump on it right? 

Today, that’s exactly what I’ll do now: give some suggestions for how to speed up getting those nerves healthy again (especially if you take Nerve Renew). 

#1 - Adopt a Paleo diet

#2 - Commit 30 minutes to stretching or exercise 3-4 days per week

#3 - Find a doctor that knows about electrical stimulation therapy


So first is your nutrition. 

The more nerve nutrients you can get from food, the better (while you avoid foods that will make your nerves worse). And that’s where Paleo comes in. 

You basically avoid all processed foods, and only eat “whole” foods. 

It tends to be pretty strict (no dairy, no grains, and a couple other things). But I’ve had a couple patients swear that it made their nerves healthier in a short amount of time. 

Then there’s the exercise piece. 

That really comes down to getting more blood flowing in your body. Because the more blood that flows, the more nutrients that can be delivered down to your nerves. 

Last but not least...

A study found that electrical stimulation could increase nerve growth 3-5 times in patients with severed peripheral nerves [1]

That could be the difference between getting some relief by May...

Versus in July or August. 

This is bleeding-edge technology (even though the study came out a while back, they still are getting it rolled out to doctor’s offices). 

But if you can find a doc who knows about it...

I'd highly recommend you give it a look. 

Now of course, you also want to take the right supplements. Because there’s no better way to deliver a concentrated dose of the exact nutrients your nerves need for optimum health than by taking a supplement. 

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is a good one…

So is methylcobalamin (the super-absorbable form of B12). Ditto for arginine (which your body uses to support a healthy circulation). 


The more of these nerve nutrients you get, the better off you’ll be. 

This is why I decided to come on board with Wes and the Nerve Renew Team, by the way. 

A lot of sellers on Amazon and at health food stores use the cheap ingredients when they make supplements. 

So I was surprised to see that both scientific studies and clinical studies stood behind the ingredients that he chose for his products. 


I hope these recommendations help you in your nerve health journey. 

Until next time, take care now.

Dr. Don Kennedy

Chief Medical Advisor, Nerve Renew

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